Accident Prevention     |     Park Rules

get air tucson trampoline park safety image Safety is a major focus in all our activities at Get Air Sports. From the focus on safety throughout our facility design, participation in national safety committees that are defining safety requirements, to strict adhearance to safety policies, rules and regulations when operating our park, Get Air is absolutely committed to providing you with the best and safest indoor jumping experience.

Our park rules are clearly written and provide the basic instructions you need to follow to be safe. Our waiver form, which is required for all participants, further reinforces that you have read and understand these policies. Within the Get Air park we also provide friendly staff to watch and remind you of these rules. We know that when everybody understands and plays by the rules that it provides a safe environment for everyone.

Here's a brief video that explains our safety rules. We encourage everyone to take a minute and watch this video before participating in Get Air jumping activities.